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Have you ever considered which are the best stock market courses available in India as on September 2020?

There are always lot of questions arise while choosing for which course should we learn or which skill should be upgraded related to stock Market.

As per our research of knowledge & facts, there are the following skills which are required while making career in Stock Market or for a beginner in stock market who is about to start investment or trading in market:

Stock Market Course

  1. Basic Knowledge about the Stock Market & Its related terms:
  • First thing to learn about stock market is about its basics without which we can't survive in the market. The following are the topics that we should be clear about before starting your career in stock  market:
    • Orders & Order Type
    • Buy, Sell & Stop Loss
    • Long & Short Position
    • Delivery or Positional Buying
    • Intraday
    • Ledger, Margin
    • Stocks, equity, preference shares, debentures, bonds
    • Commodities
    • Currency
      Stock Market Course
  • 2. Technical Analysis:
  • One of the most important skill which is a must requirement to start trading or investment in Stock Market is to learn Technical Analysis Skill.
  • Technical Analysis means analysing past price action & volumes and analysing the trends in Price with the help of Technical Charts to predict the future price action.
  • It gives the answers to the following complex questions:
    • When to enter in Market?
    • When to exit from the Market?
    • When to stand still in Market?
  • Technical Analysis helps traders or investors in framing view on Price Action for the near term future
  • Investors can also frame view on price for the long term investment period of 3-5 years
  • Intra day traders can also frame view on price for short term period of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 Hours & so on.
  • Here one should learn the following concepts of Technical Analysis:
    • Demand Zone & Supply Zone
    • Candlestick Charts & its patterns
    • Reversal Patterns & Continuation Patterns
    • Type of Trends
    • Trend lines & Trend Channels
    • Technical Indicators
      Stock Market Course
  • 3. Fundamental Analysis:
  • Fundamental Analysis is again one of the most important skill to learn to start your career in stock market. Its a very broad term.
  • It includes the study of the following fundamental factors to check whether any particular stock or scrip is good or bad:
    • Industry or Sectors Analysis of the company in which the company is operating
    • Understanding of Financial Statements of company which includes Profit & Loss Statement, Balance sheet, Cash Flow Statement & Notes to Accounts.
    • Understanding the Key Success Factors related to the company operations
    • Understand the Government Policies related to Company Business
    • Understanding the Dynamic Environment & Competitors of the Company
    • Understand the Business Potential of the Company with respect to the Product or Services that it is selling.

4. Portfolio Management

5. Equity Derivatives & Options Trading

Once, anyone who is starting her or her career in stock market can learn above three skills or course then he or she can kick start their career in stock market. Now to get a job the following certificates needed to be taken:

  1. NISM Series VIII
  2. NISM Series XIII
  3. NISM Series I
  4. NISM Series VII

There are the following big brokers or names which hire staff for stock market:

  1. Motilal Oswal
  2. Angle Broking
  3. Sharekhan
  4. Zerodha
  5. Upstocks
  6. India Infoline
  7. ICICI Securities
  8. Kotak Securities
  9. HDFC Securies

The following the are job roles which a graduate & NISM Certificate holder gets in the stock market:

  1. Relation Ship Manager
  2. Risk Advisor
  3. Financial Analyst
  4. Junior Wealth Analyst

The following are the institutes available for online and offline stock market courses:

  1. Dynamic Financial Market Institute -
  2. NIFM
  3. Udemy -


So in order to start your career in stock market, on should do some stock market courses by learning the technicalities of market, we can also take some certifications by NISM authorised by SEBI and can find a job with any stock broker.

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