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Equity Derivatives Basics Course

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➠Only 0.5% of Indian Population have this practical knowledge
➠Only 567 people in India are practically applying this knowledge and Generating Wealth
➠People having Derivatives knowledge are working at Senior Level position in Industry and having the package in Crores
➠You can easily generate your own intraday, short term, and long term calls.
➠You can gain cutting and competitive edge in the market

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➠100% Practical Learning, No Theory
➠Live Exposure
➠Learn how to generate calls and take confirmation in calls.
➠Learn how to manage Risk using Options as Hedging Tools
➠Maximum 15 - 20 students in a batch.
➠Get certified from DFMI for Technical Analysis Foundation Course.

Classes validity: 2 months (Every extension of 3 days shall be charged with Rs. 100 as a penalty)

The certificate shall be issued after the course completion, quizzes & assignments



Chapter 1: Basics of Derivatives

1.1 Basics of Derivatives 1.2 Derivatives Market – History & Evolution 1.3 Indian Derivatives Market 1.4 Market Participants 1.5 Types of Derivatives Market 1.6 Significance of Derivatives 1.7 Various risks faced by the participants in derivatives

Chapter 2: Introduction to Futures

2.1 Introduction to forward and futures Contracts 2.2 Pay off Charts for Futures contract 2.3 Futures pricing 2.4 Commodity, Equity & Index Futures 2.5 Uses of futures

Chapter 3: Introduction to Options

3.1 Basics of Options - Call and Put 3.2 Pay off Charts for Options 3.3 Basics of Option Pricing 3.4 Uses of Options

Chapter 4: Option Trading Strategies

4.1 Option Spreads 4.2 Straddle 4.3 Strangle 4.4 Covered Call