Advanced Technical Analysis and Derivatives

Advanced Technical Analysis and Derivatives

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Open Challenge: If you are unable to earn profits after doing this course and applying our strategies, 100% fees is refundable without any questions

In this course students will learn comprehensive analysis of Technical Charts, Patterns,& Indicators which will help them in taking Position in Market using Derivatives & Risk Management Strategies. The following shall be the course content:

Week 1 1) Understand the correlation between Indian Market and International Market Events.
2) Understand the Correlation between Indian Market and Commodities & Currency movements
3) Understand the Correlation between Different Sectors of Indian Market.
4) How to identify which sector will outperform most?
Week 2 1) Understand the Advance Technical Candles that works in Minute Chart, Hourly Chart & Daily Chart
2) Understand the Advance Candlestick Patterns 
3) Back-testing and Practical identification in Live Market along with Paper Trading
Week 3 1) Understand the 8 Advance Technical Indicators that works in Minute, Hourly and Daily Chart
2) Back testing of Indicators over Past Data in Excel and Analyzing the trades & success ratio
3) Hit & Trials with Indicators to redefine them according to different market & different underlying
Week 4 1) Understand the Derivatives Strategies to play while considering Market Vix
2) Drafting of Trades with Risk Management Tools
3) Analyzing results of Trades P&L and adjustments in Strategies
Week 5 1) Construction of Risk Neutralized Portfolio worth Rs. 10 Cr & above
2) Balancing or Reconstruction of Existing Portfolio of a Client

Who can join this course?

- Anyone who is regularly following Technical Charts Basics & regularly doing trading & investing in market from last 6-12 months


- Basic Technical Charts knowledge

- Basic Derivatives Knowledge

Installment System:

- 50% Advance

- 50% After Week 2 Classes

For whom its beneficial for?

- For people who want to earn enough and willing to manage their own and client's portfolio

Mode of Classes:

- Live Zoom Classes