French Language Beginners

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This is the basic course on French Language. If you are starting learning French, then it's a good choice for you.

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Features of the course:

  1. Systematic Short Videos
  2. Regular Revision with in the classes
  3. Regular Exercises to apply your learning

Course Content:

1) A to Z pronunciation

2) 1 to 100 counting

3) Days of the Week

4) Months of the Year

5) Colors Name

6) Salutations (Greetings in French like hi, hello good morning, good afternoon, see u soon, see u tomorrow, good bye etc )

7) Introduction in French
(What is your name?, How old are you?, Where u put up? Etc.)

8) Subject pronouns

9) Etre and avoir Verb

10) Definite and Indefinite Articles

11) Negative sentences

12) Body parts in French

13) Name of family members in French

14) Fruits and vegetables in French

15) Few nationalities

16) Few professions

17) Present urself in French

MODE: Live Classes or Recorded Classes


Recorded Classes:

- Rs. 3000/- (one time payment)

- Classes validity shall be 6 Months


Live Classes:

- 500 Rs. Per class (Maximum - 5 Students)


- Rs. 4500/- one time payment (maximum 5 students)

Important Notes:

1) Certificate shall be awarded at the end of the course after passing online quizzes.

2) Payment shall be in advance

3) For recorded classes, you can avail 2 live doubt sessions during the course.