Value Investing Strategies

Value Investing Strategies

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In this course students shall learn about the identification and selection procedure of Value Investing Stocks. The following shall be the course structure:

  1. Understand the meaning of Investing and Value Investing.
  2. Understand the various approaches of Investing in Market.
  3. Retailers psychology regarding value investing.
  4. How to practically identify potential sectors for investment?
  5. Factors and Filters to consider while choosing particular company from a particular sector.
  6. Financial Analysis of last 10 years in Excel
  7. Ratio Analysis of last 10 years in Excel
  8. Technical confirmations on charts
  9. How to read Market Buzz?
  10. Valuation of stocks based on various Valuation parameters like EV, PE multiple, DCF Method, Net Worth etc.
  11. Final Stock Picking, Real Investing and Exit Route.

Who can join this course?

- Anyone who is regularly following Technical Charts Basics & regularly doing trading & investing in market from last 6-12 months

Course Duration

- 12 Hours


- Basic knowledge of Investment and Trading in Market

Installment System:

- 50% Advance

- 50% After 5 Classes

For whom its beneficial for?

- For people who want to earn enough and willing to manage their own and client's portfolio

Mode of Classes:

- Live Zoom Classes